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What Can De Premier Spa’s Healing Hands Do for You?

At De Premier Spa, we’re not your ordinary Houston day spa. We’re a result-oriented day spa, providing services that are beyond beauty. Our focus isn’t just on relaxation, we’re focused on healing, from the inside out.

We specialize in massage and bodywork, skincare, wellness, and additional spa services such as hair extensions and body contouring.

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Our Client Care Philosophy

De Premier Spa’s philosophy prioritizes client care via our premier therapeutic treatments. These include advanced aesthetics and massage techniques, holistic therapy, and leading-edge technology. We are licensed and certified Medical Massage Practitioners and Advanced Skin Care Providers. We offer and hold certifications in Health and Wellness Coaching. Our clients are provided with Complementary and Alternative therapy for further care. De Premier Spa's specialized team of licensed and certified professionals offer a unique approach to help you feel renewed.

Our treatments utilize complementary and alternative therapy. Through alternative therapies that complement traditional medicine, we can promote skin health, mind, and body wellness.

Rehabilitation Support

We have a passion for care, rehabilitation, support, coaching and education for those who desire optimum health and self-help. Whether you are dealing with stress, aches and chronic pain, weight issues, low energy, skin conditions, premature aging or are looking for skin enhancement, we can help. With over 25 years of experience in advanced skin care and wellness services, the quality of our services is highlighted in the wonderful reviews from numerous satisfied clients on our Google review page and other pages.

Personalized Treatments

De Premier Spa exists to make a difference and improve your quality of life. We provide a therapeutic, serene, and safe environment for all our clients. All treatments are personalize with our level of expertise and cutting edge techniques. Wherever you are in your health and wellness journey our healing hands can help you.

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Rita Olufowoshe

De Premier Spa Founder and Owner

Rita is an advocate of the healing power of touch, and its ability to make a difference in skin, health, and wellness. She is a certified and licensed professional medical massage provider. Through care, support, coaching and education, Rita helps her clients achieve optimal skin health and wellness. Her treatments help minimizing impending illnesses and diseases.

She is a holistic and medical aesthetics practitioner. Each of her clients receive a thorough consultation. She develops personalized treatment programs designed to rekindle youthful essence from inside out.

Rita specializes in soft tissue manipulation, medical massages for chronic injuries, orthopedic massages & rehabilitation, weight loss programs, resolving persistent acne issues, chemical peels, endermologie, medical cupping for scar tissue after surgery, detoxification, anti-aging face & body treatments, and many more offerings. She is a proud member of ABMP, ASCP, and believes in giving back to the society through volunteer work. She loves cooking, traveling, dancing, quality time with her family, and helping others.

Client Care Expereince

Over the years, Rita has had the pleasure of working with dermatologists, plastic & orthopedic surgeons, pain medicine experts, OBGYNs and chiropractors throughout the world. Her background in holistic medicine and her comprehensive assessment offerings, help to complement the treatments prescribed by traditional Doctors. She works with doctors to help each client reach their optimum health.

She brings her combined experiences, training, and expertise from all over the world, to De Premier Spa. She creates programs which make an impactful difference in each clients’ skin care, health, and wellness. She provides orthopedic and rehabilitation massage therapy for pain management. She also provides medical aesthetics for non-surgical face lifts, skin rejuvenation and resurfacing. Rita has made a difference in thousands of people’s lives through her treatments.

Certifications, Licenses, & Education

Rita's aesthetics education truly spans the globe. She began her aesthetics career during her time in Europe. While studying in The Netherland, she obtained her International Diploma in Aesthetics & Massage Therapy. In Canada she earned her Holistic and Aromatherapy Diploma. She then went on to receive her Certified Medical Aesthetics Provider and Medical Massage Practitioner Diploma in the US.

Rita also holds a degree in business administration and management. She furthered her education with a Masters of Science in Health Administration & Gerontology.

Share Your Message With The World Book

International Best-Selling Author

Rita is an international best selling author. She contributed to Share Your Message with the World. The book is a collection of the empowering, encouraging, and enlightening personal life stores from 28 authors. It documents how others journeyed to greatness by managing to overcome life’s adversities. Rita wrote chapter 27 titled Health and Wellness in Your Hands — Listen to Your Body’s Wake Up Calls.

Her writings have a deep focus on lifestyle change. Rita was a regular contributor to Shale Oil & Gas Business Magazine in 2014 and 2015. She used this publication to encourage and educate others. She teaches how to become the CEOs of your own health and wellness by listening to your body’s health and wellness wake-up calls and taking proactive actions. Writings also included the benefits of a comprehensive approach to health and wellness as a complement to traditional medicine.

What Our Houston Spa Clients Say About Rita

Advanced Skin Correction Facial Client

De Premier Spa is an amazing facility with outstanding services that are totally relaxing and good for the mind, body, and soul. Rita Olufowoshe has a lifetime of experience in the spa industry and understands the needs of her clients even better than they do. She goes above and beyond with each service she offers, and I concluded my day feeling relaxed, revived, and renewed. I have been to many spas and had many services and De Premier and Rita are simply the best. I will be returning in the future on my trips to Houston and I highly recommend Rita and her staff! She addresses an issue during my facial that perplexed even my dermatologist and was able to correct it. De Premier Spa is one of the most convenient locations next to the Courtyard by Marriott on Katy Freeway Houston I-10 West. You could not ask for a better location, spa, or owner.

– Roxanne A.

Deep Cleansing Facial

Rita is the absolute best, knowledgeable, kind and very personable. Fabulous facials. The place is spotless and yet homey and welcoming.

– Mitzi S.

Referrals Partner

Rita is so knowledgeable in therapeutic massage. There is definitely a difference between getting a relaxing massage and a therapeutic massage. Rita knows what she is feeling and finds what needs to be worked on to get you functioning again. As a chiropractor, I refer many of my patients to Rita because I know she will be able to locate those tight muscles that remain guarded after an adjustment. This allows for the best co-treatment for the optimal relief for patients.

– Dr. Jennifer N.

Medical Massage for Rehabilitation Client

I’ve been going to Rita for almost 2 years. No other therapist I have tried compares. She has helped me with numbness/tingling in my toes, chronic back and hip pain/inflammation, tendonitis and many other issues. She has a VAST knowledge of the body as well as 30+ years of experience. This Spa is a HIDDEN GEM! This is a Medical Spa with all the added benefits of a spa experience. She uses many different therapy techniques to heal these ailing bodies of ours. I especially LOVE her cupping technique and the hot stones… Simply A-mazing. She is a miracle worker.

This past Friday I was in severe pain in my lower back/hips, my whole torso was in agony (work related). I went to Rita; she found the issue and went to work. I walked out with no pain and getting into the car was no big deal. I am very grateful for all she has done. I would never dream of going anywhere else. You will feel like a new person when you leave. In fact, she will not let you leave until you feel like a new person. It is just who she is. She is meticulous in all she does.

– Karen V.

Infrared Sauna and Light Therapy:

So pleased with every session I have had with Rita at De Premier Medical Spa. The infrared sauna is a great detox for me. I also have benefited tremendously from light therapy and medical massage as I work with Rita in getting relief from the debilitating symptoms of a severe reaction to a recent course of a fluoroquinolone antibiotic. I am incredibly pleased at how willing she has been to research and learn more about Fluoroquinolone Toxicity Syndrome and how to best help me. I highly recommend Rita and De Premier Spa.

– Theresa V.

Medical Massage Therapy

Rita is awesome! She helped my body heal from a wrist injury through medical massage, and I continued to see her for lymphatic drainage massages because I like her so much. She is a medical massage provider, not just a massage therapist, and is very knowledgeable about human anatomy and health. She is very professional as well, and her facilities are immaculate.

– Candace M.

Medical Massage for Rehabilitation

Rita is a very understanding and kind person. She is very knowledgeable about finding problem areas and is able to apply the right methods to improve those problem areas. I very much recommend Rita! I am very satisfied with my progress after having seen her the last six months.

– Greg E.

Prenatal Massage

Amazing experience! I had a prenatal massage with Rita, and as an expecting mother, things get achy and sore. The massage was extremely relaxing while addressing my sore points at the same time. Rita knew exactly which area to target based on my chiropractor’s recommendations and made sure I was comfortable during every step. Very flexible and understanding in scheduling appointments as well, highly recommend.

– Corina V.

Oncology Therapy

Rita attended to my husband after Cancer treatment in 2012. She recommended a combined therapy of oncology massage, foot detox, light therapy and reflexology. The effects of the sessions were amazing and in no time the lingering signs and symptoms of cancer treatment disappeared.

– Mosun R.

Oncology Therapy

As a 26 years old I was diagnosed with cancer, my father bought me 5 sessions as a way to help with some of my post-surgery problems. She is helping me overcome chronic back pain, foot pain, and nerve pain. This place is perfect for people who think there are no healthy options for pain management and think they have to suffer. I was about to go to the emergency room for pain medicine, instead I now go to Rita for 1 hour a week. Much cheaper (and relaxing) than the doctor’s office. If you have undiagnosed chronic pain this is the place you have been looking for.

– Bronco T.

Chronic Pain Management Therapy

BEST HOUSTON Massage EVER! .. Rita has the magic hands. The deep tissue massage I received helped me so much. My right hand was only comfortable by my side; I could not put it in front of me. After the massage, the pain level went from 10 to 4. Thank you so much Rita, I have let others know about your magic hands.

– TO.

Chronic Pain Management Therapy

I have been using De Premier Spa for almost a year and what an experience it has been!!! I have been getting a massage twice a month. Rita has over 26 years of experience, AND not only experience but international experience. She combines all kinds of different modalities and techniques in my massage. My issues center around the lower back but I also have issues with my feet, legs, hands and wrists. Rita has been able to not only help me for the short run but also she has helped me to the point where I feel better all the time. I have started thinking about 3 instead of 2 sessions a week. The bottom line is that Rita is the best massage therapist that I have ever worked with and if you have had issues for a long time Rita is the person you should try.


Sport Injury (Using Light Therapy)

I am only 19 years old and for the last 5 years my left knee has been prone to popping out during any kind of physical activity. Usually after it pops out, I will experience pain and be unable to walk on it for 2 or 3 days. However, the last time this happened, I could not walk on it for 10 days and the pain was not getting any better, and it had swelled, to double the size it should be. Rita suggested I use light therapy on my knee. After the first day of using the light, I could walk on it much better, and after the second day much of the swelling went away and I could walk on it almost completely.

– Amber

Arthritis Pain (Using Medical Massage & Light Therapy)

I was a practicing Nurse till I retired. I have tried everything possible for my arthritis aches and pain, but nothing seems to work. One day I was taking a walk when I saw the sign “chronic pain relief phototherapy.” I decided to give them a call. I had a consultation done, and I decided to go ahead with the treatment about two months later. I started coming for treatment to help relieve arthritis pains that I had been suffering from for some years. I experience pain in my hands and feet, as well as in my joints and shoulders… I noticed after about four or five treatments, that there was a great deal of improvement in my joints, almost pain free. By the time I had come for eleven treatments, once a week, I could feel more than 70% improvement. I now come in for maintenance treatment once a month, or whenever I feel like it. I say thank you very much Rita.

– Norma

Body Contouring

It’s been the best experience with Ms. Rita. She’s an expert in healing your body and keeping you young! I really needed help with my tummy area after my baby and with one session it was so much better. I can’t wait to see the end result at the end of my treatments with her. Thank you, Ms. Rita!

-Jessica F.

Therapeutic Massage Therapy

Amazing & super knowledgeable “Dr. Rita”! No one like her. Absolutely the best. This place is not your strip mall massage center. Full deep tissue was fabulous and invigorating. Will keep going regularly to get complete results. What a feeling!!!!

– Woody L.

Professionalism and Immaculate Care

As owner of De Premier Spa, Rita’s comprehensive knowledge and expertise in wellness and delivery of holistic spa services is revealed in her professional and immaculate care. In addition to the wonderful services she provides, Rita’s sensitivity and generosity of spirit have served to keep me a loyal client for the past seven years.

– Dawn B.

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