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Houston’s Best Medical Massage

Medical Massage focus on health issues relating to musculoskeletal pain and disorder causing chronic and acute pain. Medical massage is a therapeutic massage therapy performed by licensed, registered and professional massage therapist. Medical massage therapy help muscle spasms and muscle cramping, chronic pain and Injuries, aids in healing recovery from Surgery and post surgery adhesion, 
reduces scarring and fluid retention, stimulates the lymph and circulatory System.


Houston’s Best Day Spa Packages

Delight yourself OR loved ones this Holiday with our SPA PACKAGES - for relaxation, Comfort and Healing.


Great Lengths Human Hair Extensions

Great Lengths Hair Extension is for you if you desire long luxurious hair for wedding, allergic to hair color, sophisticated look for your profession, a natural looking hair with easy maintenance, or looking for luxurious long hair after chemotherapy or thinning hair. The sophisticated hair extension system uses human hair strands to add chemical-free highlight and color, instant length and volume, and thicker hair in only minutes. It is guaranteed to be 100% Remy human hair, the most luxurious, tangle free hair possible. Each pre-bonded strand is attached using a high tech applicator that softens the polymer at the top of the strand so it can be molded easily to the clients’ own hair. The molecular composition of the polymer is similar to that of keratin protein in human hair. The integrity of the clients’ hair is never compromised. The use of traditional glues and waxes, often damaging to the clients’ hair, are eliminated. The polymer meshes with the individual hair strands resulting in an extremely resilient bond that will withstand the most vigorous lifestyle.


Wellness or Integration

Medical research shows that a person 25% over-weight reduces life expectancy by 25%. Obesity is a concern of health and life – Not just for fashion and style, but also for a healthy and meaningful life of optimal health and wellbeing. De Premier Spa Weight Loss 360 takes holistic approach to weight loss. It is a 100% commitment to lifestyle change with peace of mind. Our Weight Loss Program includes body composition analysis, detoxification, healthy nutrition; guided signature exercise, supplements and endermologie to better serve you. The program is all-inclusive; it offers a healthy alternative to every quick weight loss. Results include: Keeping off unwanted inches and pounds, excellent posture and less aches, strains and pains; Smoothed, textured and toned skin and body; Relaxation and stress relief, and Gives you a sense of wellness, glow, new looks and new life with meaningful purpose.


Kinesiology Taping Therapy

Kinesiology taping therapy is a drug-free, safe alternative treatment for many aches, pain and pregnancy symptoms including back pain, swollen feet, sciatica, carpal tunnel, and other aches and pains. Benefits of Taping include: Reduced swelling, inflammation and edema,accelerate recovery from bruises and contusions, prevents and relieves muscle spasms and cramping, speeds recovery of overused muscles. Supports injured muscles and joints without restricting range of motion. Allows athletes to remain active while injured and enhances strength and muscle tone in weak and poorly toned Muscles.


Houston’s Best Cellulite Therapy

Our Premier Cellulite Therapy moves stagnation, dissolve dimpling, lumping and fatty cellulite; relieve inflammation, and drain fluid. The therapy benefits people with pre - and post - operative conditions, post pregnancy baby fat and healing process after any injury. Effective for treating Edema, drain accumulated lymph fluid, boost lymph flow and blood circulation, post surgery such as mastectomy, inverted nipple, loosen radiation scar tissue, Dissolve Liposuction Therapy fluid and flush the body of toxins.
Micro Current Contouring Treatment for Abdomen (Zone I), Buttocks (Zone II), and Thighs (Zone III) is an all-in-one solution to refine the figure and smooth cellulite. The combination of “fat-burning” Thermo-Reducing Clay and intensive targeted massages offers the ultimate in contouring effectiveness at De Premier Spa.


Cellular Foot Detox

Cellular detox therapy is a new alternative cellular cleansing therapy that uses reverse osmosis to draw out toxins from the body. Every day our body is under constant assault from endless arrays of toxins from the air, water and even the food we eat. Though the body has a cleansing ability, it can't keep up. This therapy helps cleanse the body of harmful toxins, balance the PH by decreasing the possibility of degenerative disease, reverse signs of aging, weight lose, and increasing nutrient assimilation from food and supplements.


Infrared Sauna Therapy

Infrared energy is a form of ionizing rays on the light spectrum not visible to the human eye. Our body’s tissues normally produce infrared energy for use by the body in a number of healing processes. Far infrared (FIR) energy can penetrate beyond skin level and is absorbed efficiently. Infrared sauna therapy has the following benefits: Increase metabolism, burn calories and weight loss; relieves muscle pain, boost immune system, remove toxins and improves Appearance of Cellulite and skin tone. Eases joint pain and stiffness, reduces stress and fatigue.


Permanent Makeup

Permanent Make-Up is a simple, non-surgical, medical procedure that allows pigment to be deposited into the dermis by a multiple pronged probe. It causes little discomfort and some clients describe the sensation as being similar to tweezing the eyebrows. However, topical anesthesia agents are available for those who prefer them. Natural looking permanent make-up can enhance and accentuate facial features. It will not wash off, smudge, or smear, and will always look professionally applied. Those suffering from hair loss due to alopecia or chemotherapy can have permanent make-up as well. We use the highest quality of hygiene, disposables, equipment and pigment to assure that your application lasts for years.



My skin pigment is black. I started experiencing a strange growth at the corner of my right eye that started out like a dot probably 12 years ago. The growth was very hard and seemed to be getting bigger and bigger everyday. It was also very itching and uncomfortable.

I consulted a plastic surgeon that declined to operate on it because it was too close to my eye. He also informed me that I would get a keloid as black skin is prone to that. So I accepted it and decided to live with it.

Five years ago I consulted Rita for a facial treatment. When she noticed what looked like a ”cyst” on the side of my right eye. It was more like a swollen hard pebble at the center. And if touched it moved. More like a cyst.

She introduced me to the laser light therapy. She asked me if I wanted to try it on the swelling at the corner of my eye to see whether it would make any difference. She was hoping for a loosening of the hardness and the swelling “pocket”. I accepted to take the risk and try Laser Light therapy, as she seemed well conversant and confident with the tool. Even though I had accepted to live with my cyst, It had begun to interfere with my right side vision.

To cut a long story short I attended 3 weeks of intensive therapy at De Premier Spa, which included facials that allowed a massage of the area and light treatment. She then allowed me to take the light home and asked me to use it everyday for 15 minutes (just light pointing at the swelling.) I did that for another 3 weeks.

The cyst had begun to soften. Rita my therapist suggested I visit the same plastic surgeon and asked if they could take it out. I was lucky to find his partner who agreed to do it. It took him 5 minutes, 5 stitches, no pain, no local anesthesia and no drugs to take afterwards. All he did was bandage it.



I experience headaches so painful sometimes that I often cannot do anything. They would last all day even Tylenol would not relieve the pain. My employer (Rita) suggested I use the light one day she put it on the back of my neck, within half hour of using the light treatment my headache was completely gone and never returned. I was able to go home and cook and clean with great relief. My headaches are not the only thing that I have used the light for. I have had stomach pains so bad that I can not eat or drink anything, because it would hurt allot. I used the light on my stomach and have not experienced the stomach pains since then.



I was a practicing Nurse till I retired. I have tried everything possible for my arthritis aches and pain but nothing seems to work. One day I was taking a walk when I saw the sign” chronic pain relief photo therapy “. I decided to give them a call. I had a consultation done, and I decided to go ahead with the treatment about two months later.
I started coming for treatments to help relieve arthritis pains that I had been suffering from for some years. I experienced pain in my hands and feet, as well as my joints and shoulders. I came in for treatments once a week, my treatments were about 1 ½ hours too 2 hours long and included a little bit of massage along with the light therapy. I noticed after about four or five treatments, that there was a great deal of improvement in my joints, they were almost pain free. I still felt a little bit of pain on my heel, the back of my knees and the right side of my neck, but it was minimal compared to what it was. However with my hands I was still experiencing a great deal of pain. I kept going for my once a week treatments and by the time I had come for eleven treatments I could feel more than 70% improvement, and I now come in for maintenance treatments only of once a month or whenever I feel like. I say thank you very much Rita.



I decided to use the laser light to help regain firmness, and youth fullness in my skin. I came in for treatments once a week for eleven weeks and am very happy with my results. My skin is about 60% firmer and looks much healthier. I found my treatments very relaxing and so soothing that I even felt relief from stress and felt better. It was absolutely wonderful, I feel great.



“I am only 19 years old and for the last 5 years my left knee has been prone to popping out during any kind of physical activity, at its own free will. Usually after it pops out I will experience pain and be unable to walk on it for 2 or 3 days. However the last time this happened, I could not walk on it for 10 days and the pain was not getting any better, and it had swelled, to double the size it should be. My Boss Rita suggested I use the light on my knee and sent it home with me. I used the light on my knee for two days, after the first day I could walk on it much better, and after the second day much of the swelling went away and I could walk on it almost completely.”

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De Premier Spa of West Houston, Texas
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De Premier Spa is a Place for Comfort, Healing and Relaxation. We exist to make a difference and improve quality of life in our community through Holistic Approach for Optimum Health. Our alternative therapies that complement traditional medicine to promote skin health and wellness. De Premier Spa professional team has over 25 years of experience to serve you. Services include: Advanced aesthetics, Skin care, Anti-aging treatments, Medical massage, Holistic Weight Loss, Infrared sauna therapy, Cellular foot detox, Endermologie, Microdermabrasion, Micro-current, Micro needling, Chemical peel, Wellness, Facials, Persistent Acne treatment, Lypossage and Cupping Therapy and Great Lengths 100 % Hair Extension.
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Rita Olufowoshe is passionate about making a difference in people’s skin, health and wellness through care, support, coaching and education for men and women who desire a holistic approach to optimal health and wellness and are interested in self-help. Her focus is providing holistic and complementary therapies that complement traditional medicine to help those dealing with: stress, aches, chronic pain, weight issues, low energy, skin conditions and premature aging.

Rita assesses your need with comprehensive consultation, provides customized and safe modalities to meet your goals. She wants to serve you with a premier level of expertise, and personalize service specific to your needs with leading edge techniques to help you achieve optimal health from inside out. She is dedicated to the power of touch and the relaxation, comfort and healing it can provide. Come and experience De Premier Difference with a Proven Process for Results!