De Premier Spa

De Premier Spa COVID-19 Health and Safety Measures

Just a quick note to share our response to COVID-19 in our spa. As your Medical Massage and Medical Aesthetics Provider, we want to assure you that your safety, health and wellness are our utmost priority. While much is still unknown about COVID-19, we are taking several steps to keep you and our staff safe during your visit. The following practices and procedures have been implemented for your comfort, safety and wellness:

  • Masks required for visit
  • Temperature checks-certification
  • Clients screening for COVID-19 symptoms before visit and when you arrive at the spa
  • Staff wear Masks and Gloves
  • Hand washing before you enter the spa and sanitizer provided while inside the spa
  • Please use Q-Tip OR Paper napkin to ring the doorbell to come into the spa
  • Hand washing and sanitizing between clients
  • Social distancing enforcement between clients
  • Contactless payments system
  • Disposable cradle cover with plastic lining to prevent skin contact with the cradle.
  • UV Sterilizer for non-disposable items
  • Providing clients with the option to schedule online
  • Providing clients with the option of online clients form (HIPAA Compliance) so that you don’t have to touch our pen Visit
  • Plastic lining on chairs, handle of Infrared Sauna and doors once you enter the spa

These are stressful times. It is time to start clearing negative energy. Let us take care of you!
We encourage you to make an appointment and to allow yourself some time to escape the stress in the society, and nurture your mind, body and soul with a relaxing massage with the certainty of knowing you are safe in our squeaky